Bearly: Analog shoot with image illustrations
Bearly: Analog shoot with image illustrations


// An analog photo series. //

Females are expected to be submissive, wear skirts and dress and shave. And must comply to rules that say not too short or revealing. 

But it's funny how the definition of these things are made by those who are nothing like that themselves- men. 

In this photo series I hope to make clear that it doesn't matter what u put a girl in. She is still going to be whoever she is going to be.

And one day I hope we can let go of this stereotype, for the women nowadays bearly live up to them anyways. 

Concept:  Motilayo Williams 

Photographer: Senna Abraham

Models: Lindsay Pinas, Vinita Layla

Stylist + Creative director + Illustrator: Motilayo Williams


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