Coming Home: cocnept fashion shoot. Photography Ruby Okoro Styling: Motilayo Williams

// A concept about the desire of acceptance and a place you can call home //

Roaming through different places and faces and time lapses. 
I finally found something that has been missing and since then couldn’t stop needing.

Cannot place my finger on it but its welcoming and in this moment I feel safe.

Where I can run to when my world starts to crumble and fall asleep like a child in a cradle.

A stranger with the same skin as you, different hues but the same features as you.
Why do I still feel neglected, because I have found peace, I have found home.

Model: Bolu, Wale

Photographer: Ruby Okoro

Concept + Styling: Motilayo Williams

Videography: Motilayo Williams

Spoken Word: Temitayo Ajolopo 

Special thanks to I AM ISIGO

Watch the short film here


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