Hersenstichting Campagne Drugspsychosis by Motilayo Williams


// My Graduation Project:

This project is inspired by my fascination with psychological limitations and how these people see the world //

There is a big increase in drug users in the Netherlands. Many people think that popping a pill or taking a little puff once in a while can't do any harm as long as they do it well. Unfortunately this is not the case, because what many people do not know is that drugs can lead to psychosis.


I made a fictional campaign for the Hersenstichting (Brain Foundation - The Netherlands)  in which they, together with VICE and The Loop, create awareness for this problem. This will be done through an awareness campaign. A campaign that does not prohibit, but simply makes visible what people do not see.

Models: Tevin Stuurland, Eirini-Evangelia Loukopoulou, Jhelisa Panfred, Christian Chou 

Photographer + Editing: Motilayo Williams 

Concept: Motilayo Williams


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